Realism(s) #49

Out-takes from the Life of a Happy Man - Jonas Mekas, 2012, 16mm & digital video

Realism(s) #48

Dealer - Thomas Arslan, 1999, 35mm


Realism(s) #47

yesterday - Nathan Bajar, 2014


Realism(s) #46

untitled - Ali Bosworth, from the series 2013 C & Milos


Realism(s) #45


I was a few years out of a heavy relationship. We still weren't really talking; things seemed worse than right after we split. I hadn't processed any of it, had instead dived straight in to the basement and worked on A I A. Stopped hanging out with friends; didn't occur to me to try to date, or pay attention to the news, what else was going on in the world. At that time I still wasn't talking about my problems with anyone. I was living by a popular myth, that if I didn't talk about something, it wouldn't be a problem. Ruins helped crack me open.

--Liz Harris, interviewed by Maya Kalev, October 2014. Drawing by Liz Harris, from the series Vessel (undated).

Illuminations #23

Cloud 9 Bar, Elko, Nevada, 1979 - William Albert Allard, from the series Out West


The Wind #10

Mount Sinabung, as seen from Karo, North Sumatra, Indonesia - Dedy Sahputra, 09/10/2014


Llora cuando te pase


It'd be remiss of me not to mention here that Laida Lertxundi's superb Cry When it Happens / Llora Cuando Te Pase (2010, 16mm) is streaming at Vdrome for another week, thankfully in HD.

Some other recent-ish links of note: 
Questions for the Frozen SeaThe Everyday (Once More)obligatory notation of the existence of new Dorskys; wind, rain, glass; an interview with Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub by Hans Hurch (1981) and Introduction to a Straub-Huillet Retrospective (1982); Entrevista con Jean-Claude Rousseau: La Vallée close.

I'm out of the loop when it comes to screenings, but: there are still two A Nos Amours presentations of Sátántangó on 35mm to come in Leeds and NewcastleAlonso (see Quintin), Beavers, Costa (
'all we have are sandwiches'), Diaz, Godard, LertxundiPetzold (etc!) at LFF; Markopoulos at Tate ModernAlexandre Galmard's NM. Also still on: Malevich at Tate.Modern.